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22/01/2013 — 1 Comment

speak. up2013 is, for me, the year of speak up.

speak up.  vb (intr, adverb)

1. to speak more loudly, be heard

2. to state one’s beliefs, objections, etc., bravely and firmly

Sometimes we talk, but we don’t speak. To talk = to articulate words using your tongue. To speak = to express your self + to convey your ideas and opinions.

Speak up sits at the heart of great brands, and branding. It’s about standing for something, having a purpose and a point of view, and expressing that purpose and point of view — through both words and actions.

It’s not about asking a random selection of people [who are paid $80 to sit in your focus group] who you should be and what you should say.

It’s not about making strategic decisions by committee, which result in a 7/10 outcome that everyone feels comfortable with.

It is about leadership, having a vision, and being clear on why you exist [beyond making a dollar].

And so I have chosen “speak up” as my theme, my rallying cry and way of being in 2013.

Watch out!

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